Monday, January 26, 2009

Stealing an idea (1/1)

So I was doing my blog hopping this morning when I came a across a number of blogs doing a so called photo tag. It's where a friend tags you to open say the 4th folder in your photos file and post say the 6th picture in that folder and tell about it. Then you "tag" friends to do the same.
Well it inspired another person to do another photo post idea which is the one I am stealing. You do a post each month and post the photo from the file coordinating for that month. January gets 1/1 February gets 2/2 and so on.

So I thought this was interesting and I would do it too. Problem is I have a tendency to save/load one photo at a time when I see something I like so not all of them are in files. Guess I'll just skip those and go for the next folder.

So here goes...let's see if I can remember to do it each month.

This is a photo of Michael. He is now a member of our family. As of June he is married to Larry's cousin Vicki's daughter, Staci. This photo was taken back in April of '08. When we were all out partying a few weeks before Casey and Lia's wedding. Sort of a joint bachelor/bachelorate party.

Michael is a super sweet guy that is a fabulous addition to our family. Him and Staci live about a mile from us, and we never see them it seems like. Isn't that how it always works...the closer you live to family, the less you see them! We've got to fix that guys!

Anyway, thought that was a fun and inspiring idea, now let's see if I can make it last!

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Charisse said...

So, I am gonna do this - but since I am at work I only have the one folder...that works for this month - I'll have to do the other posts on my home computer. Go check it out.