Wednesday, January 7, 2009

These days

seem so long, yet so much doesn't get done. Today I am trying to get some catching up on the computer done. Should be working on laundry and getting things ready for Larry's work trip to Cleveland next week and saving this catching up for after he's gone, but I thought a couple of hours wouldn't hurt.

I updated my myspace. Not hard. Just changed my background, updated my status, and uploaded some pics. Also sent message out to a neglected friend, sorry Tina!!

It probably will have to be next week when I get totally updated on blog land. So much still to read, and feeling rushed I can't enjoy my time on here catching up on everyone's holiday's and trips.

I will post pictures next week on here. I will put most on my flicker account I finally made since there are so many, and just put some special ones on here.

Here is a new family pic for you though from the trip.

We took a bunch and I have to choose one though to send in cards. Holidays were so busy and I didn't have a good recent family pic, so I decided we'd take one on the trip and I'd send out ones after the new year. I figure that would be fun for people to get a card in the mail when fun mail is so rare again and all anyone is getting is bills.

I will write about the trip and Christmas next week. Let me give a few details of what has been happening since the new year.
1. Our van was stolen on new year's. It was found yesterday, but looks like some little punks are the ones who got it. The seat behind the driver's was burned. They didn't have the windows down so it smothered it's self out before it got too far. Larry said the windows are black and they are going to have to gut it and redo the a/c too if there is any hope of getting the smell out. I fear there is no way to get the smell out and I fear having to continue making payments on something disgusting that there is no way we could trade in for something new...guess we'll just have to keep fingers crossed all goes well.
2. I ended up getting a super bad cold the day we got back from our trip. And it's STILL holding on. Larry got it on Sunday, but he seems to be getting over it much quicker. He said he will bring back the medicine we bought him from work, and wants me to take that kind instead to see if it helps me.
3. My youth minister's wife passed away on the 3rd. She had been battling bone cancer for about 16 months. She had a super rough time with it, but was always strong in her spirit and faith which makes her passing a bit of a shock. Her memorial service was yesterday, and it was proof what a wonderful woman she was and what a fabulous family she has. The church was just as full as it is on the holidays, and the parking lot was more full than ever. It over flowed into the daycare across the street, and into the streets all around.

I will leave it at that for now though and get some stuff done around the house and get a few groceries.

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