Monday, January 12, 2009

A week of projects

So Larry left yesterday for Cleveland for a week long work training session with strict instructions not to eat any peanut butter (they have a salmonella scare). So I am following in my mom's footsteps of taking advantage of hubby being gone to make a royal mess in the house in hopes of reorganizing and getting rid of a lot of the paper clutter around the house. I got most of the bedroom done last night and finally got the Christmas decorations down today (they've stayed up so long since I have felt crummy for so long).
Holly and I spent yesterday doing some spending on our gift cards. I still had a little over half of the $40 on my Joann's card after getting 7 skeins of yarn the other week so I got 2 more skeins, 13 different fabrics, and a package of pastel junior mints (never seen them in pastels before), and I still have $3! I love sales at this time of year!
I am feeling much better now. I think the cold left recently and I've actually been fighting allergies for the last few days. I'm having a ton of drainage in my throat (if you wanted to know) and am so tired of clearing my throat. I realized today I haven't been drinking water lately like I normally do and that may have a lot to do with not clearing out like I should.
Well back to my projects. I will try and get those pictures up soon!

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