Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Day!

So much to fill you in on such as passing my big test on the first try and kids getting older, but today is not the day to do it.  IT IS MY BIG BROTHER'S WEDDING DAY!  I will obviously have pictures coming soon.  Have a wonderful day all!


Christy Lynn said...

Aww, congrats to Clint! Hope that everything goes according to plan, and that if something doesn't, that it's minor and you can laugh about it :) 'Cause how often does everything go according to plan? Safe travels!

Charisse said...

Loooove this new blog design. Every time I come by you have something different. It's kind of great!!! I am still not happy with my blog. Probably going to change sites or something. Haven't decided. UGH!!!

Did I mention that we are so proud of you for passing your test? I probably did, but just wanted to say it again!!!