Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the world keeps going!

There just is never enough time.  I am constantly trying to catch up here and there.  I just can't seem to get back into a grove of things since my test.  Of course right after the test was getting ready for Clint's wedding out in El Paso.  It went wonderfully and we had so much fun spending a couple days vacationing too.  I will get a good post with pictures soon.  Right now I am trying to not over do it.  I got real sick last Friday and just turned into a completely horrible and miserable person.  I was so bad work even noticed and I usually hold in my grouchiness there.  I woke up feeling so much better Tuesday that I wanted to tackle everything that needed to get done when I got off work.  I am proud to say I listened to my body though and rested when I felt it telling me no you are not fully well yet.  Poor Larry is now sick and is miserable.
So obviously I am behind on a lot right now.  One thing I am catching up on though is finally getting up to date on my yearly brain exams.  I am going in tomorrow for my MRI and then to see the doc next week to find out how all is continuing to heal.  I am only a year and a half late with this.  How about lets change it to being almost 4 months early for this year's exam. So I really should get my laundry out and myself in bed to get ready for 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital and then an hour in the tube tomorrow.  Just got inspired by my besty's blog to get in and get an update put in.
Oh almost forgot!  I did finally get to spend time with my sewing machine again.  Just made super simple new beds for the dogs, but boy did it feel good to get some creating done.  So many babies on the way so I am looking forward to getting to work on baby gifts real soon.  Especially since I get to finally work with some pink along with all my blue!


Suicide said...
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Charisse said...

YAY!!! You posted again!!! WOOWOO!!!! I love reading about what's going on...even though I usually hear most of it on the phone...but whatever. :)
I am so happy that you got some sewing's good to have some YOU time occasionally. And it looks like your body all but DEMANDED it this time.
Love you!!!

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