Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tag Rag Returns!

Here is my best friend Lori's son Lucas enjoying my tag rags I made him back in 2009.

And here is little brother Austin enjoying them in 2011.

Definitely one of my best enjoyed gifts.  And one of the easiest.  Guess I better get some more made for a few more babies that are on the way, 


Suicide said...

I would like to put an order in for some of those. Not now. I don't have a baby coming yet. But I will. Hopefully in the next two years or so. And I think our baby would love some. :) Just giving you the heads up.

Charisse said...

Of course...that comment above was me. At work.

Toby E. said...

You definitely will have a stack of these with lots of YELLOW!