Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A litte bit of my world in pictures

This is my stocking stuffer Larry bought me, or I should say stocking holder since it was a little too large to fit in my stocking. It's a little green house herb garden. I planted it Jan 6, and as you can see it really is growing quickly. I keep it in my kitchen window and haven't had to water it except for the initial planting. You can see a little of the condensation that builds up daily.

Here is my hat I knitted over the weekend. I knitted Larry one yesterday, but he has quickly latched on to it due to the cold weather and working outside a good portion of the day.

And here is one of my cats, Flash, enjoying a snooze on his favorite chair last night in a slightly peculiar position. Usually (like right now) you can find him curled up on the front pillow napping the day away. My other cats Matty and Milee were snoozing there yesterday morning with Matty in a comical position too, but he moved before I could get the camera.
Just wanted to share a few pictures today. Hope you are all having a great day and staying warm!