Thursday, January 17, 2008

We had a bit of an off night last night, so I didn't get a picture of Holly and her hat, but here is that one of the tree I promised some months back. Aren't the colors just fabulous?!

Today Holly is home from school. Starting yesterday morning she had some pain in the lymph node on her left side of her neck. It was slightly swollen at dinner time last night, and at about 4:30am, she came in crying she was in so much pain. It had swollen over night. So I went ahead and kept her home since she didn't sleep well and was misierable with the pain. Nothing else is bothering her, so I'm sure it's just a new reaction due to allergies. She gets allergies so severely and with getting older I think this is just a new symptom. And with the drastic weather change, it probably brought something in to stir it up. So she is resting loading up on water to flush it out, and keeping warm rags on the spot to sooth it and take some of the swelling out.

Guess I won'be getting my chores done today either (yesterday was filled with interuptions that left me behind). Oh well.

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