Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Review

Well this weekend didn't go anywhere near the original plan. Lori and I have been planning to find a weekend to get together and do some cookie baking since before Christmas. We finally narrowed it down to meeting on the 19th, and had been set on that day for a couple of weeks now. But life took over and we had to move it again. Holly was suppose to be going to her mom's this last weekend, so Larry and I started planning for him some time to work on his Jeep at his buddy's house while I was off doing my baking. Unfortunately, Holly ended up with a virus that settled in her ear along with a ton of nose drainage. So that required one of us to cancel plans. I had my heart set on getting away for some time for me especially since Larry had a weekend in East TX last weekend. But instead it had to go to Larry. I haven't mentioned what his new job is which will lead into why he got the weekend. Larry is the director of maintenance operations for the Mercantile apartment building, the Element apartment building, and as of this coming Friday, the Post Wilson apartment building (and a few other buildings that are in the holdings before they start their remodelings) all in downtown Dallas. The Mercantile and Element, are still being gutted and remodeled/built so Larry is over the construction and making sure it is right down to every outlet plate. But the Post Wilson is already up and running. His company is closing and taking over the building this Friday. So things are about to get a little hairy for him. The current staff with the Post Wilson are going with their current owners to new jobs, so Larry and the rest of the Mercantile staff will be taking over. This will also put Larry and his assistant on call every other week (they haven't hired any more maintenance staff, so they will be taking it all on until more are hired on or until they can get some temps out to give them a hand, but temps can't be on call). So due to this and the fact that the buddy who's house he was going to work at is his assistant, it was a must to let him go for the weekend.
So I was greatly disappointed, but it's what you do when you're married, right? So Sat. morning I took Holly into the doc, and while we were filling her prescription, it was time for Larry to take off to his buddy's house, he lives 60 miles away. So Holly and I picked up lunch at Target while waiting on her meds (except for easily getting run down and blowing her nose every two seconds, she seemed like she was fine, which was a true blessing). So we returned home and spent the day watching DVDs. I also knitted my own new hat over the weekend (took pictures, but not sure how to download them to the laptop). And now I'm working on one for Larry.
Larry returned Sunday morning. And I can't tell you how happy I was to see him. After a week and two weekends at home except for a couple of errands here and there and with very little adult companionship, I was dying to get out and spend some time with another adult around. Now I never got a verbal thank you for forfeiting my weekend, but I sure did gets lots of affection and spoiling once he got home. We ran a few errands before Holly was run down again, and freely looked at all I wanted. Then we went to IHOP for dinner, went home where Larry and Holly sang on the mics and I finished up my knitting.
Monday we slept in, did a few chores, and tried to decide on a movie to go see. We ended up renting some movies and ran to the grocery store to get the supplies needed for Larry to make stew.
So it started off as a bit of a disappointing and boring weekend, but turned into a super nice one with just some time to really enjoy each other and share some love.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like a nice weekend after all. At least it wasn't a total waste.
Love you,