Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A lot of finallies to write about today.
Today I finally get to be sick and rest up. And of coarse on the day I am allowed to I'm too fidgety! I started to get a cold over the weekend, but so much has happened I never got the chance to rest much for it.
This weekend I finally got to get together with Lori to do our cookie baking. Larry made sure of it. We spent an entire day together and really had a blast. We chit chatted while we picked out three recipes to make. (2 cookies and one brownie) All ended up being chocolate of coarse, but what can you do? That will be the results when you put to chocolate obsessed woman together.
While at Kroger getting our supplies for baking and lunch, a mishap occurred which now leaves me with having to buy new tennis shoes. Right as we turned onto the baking isle, a woman dropped her glass bottle of some kind of hot sauce (didn't care much for that smell!) Lori was the closest to her and missed all splatters. I was the next closest and my light grey tennis shoes acquired some large red-orange spotting. Another woman was the farthest and her pants and coat were spotted. I felt bad for the woman who did the dropping. She was very apologetic and kept making sure everyone was OK. I told her I was fine. But, alas, the shoes are too light colored and have a rough leather finish that is not forgiving to messes of this color. I will make these my new mowing shoes (my other pair are getting uncomfortable), and I will get a new pair. At least these ones were a couple years old now. Still in good shape, but not a heart breaking loss.
After a nice comforting lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup and some more talking, we got down to baking. We almost screwed up the cookies royally a couple times, but were able to catch it in time. Lori, who really is very rarely scatter brained, blamed it on the baby. She says she really is finding she gets like this now with the pregnancy. I didn't have a good excuse like hers so I used my brain surgery again and the new hole left behind. he he Sometimes that surgery comes in handy to get me out of a silly situation :) We ended up making only the cookies since we talked the day away. But they came out good. We made chocolate chip crunch cookies (the dough was still pretty warm when we added the chips, so they melted right away making the cookies chocolate crunch cookies), and a mint chocolate cookie that is by far my favorite. It tastes more like a fudge mint cookie.
But you are asking what did I mean by just now getting to be sick. I started to get a cold over the weekend they really had me feeling crummy. But Larry ended up with something worse. He got a severe migraine Sunday night. He use to get them a lot, but hasn't had one like this since I've known him. It causes him to get sick to his stomach, half his body goes numb, and he goes blind. So I took care of him Sunday night and he stayed home Monday due to still having some blindness. He is better now and we are keeping our fingers crossed he can go another 6 or more years without another one. I hate him having them because he's in so much pain and there's really no way to help him. Holly was a wonderful nurse too!!
Well I'll go rest now, just wanted to post while I'm so fidgety.

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Hurtado Family said...

I'm glad you got your cookie/girlfriend day...those are very much needed!