Monday, June 20, 2011

Slowly Ticking Off

Slowly....I am getting some of my summer to do list actually checked off.  Finally!
  • I have been cooking me and Larry some healthier meals.
  • I cleaned out my closet the clothes are all put away and the junk is out (It is all in Holly's bedroom waiting to be gone through but the first step is done)
  • I cleaned out the laundry room of all it's junk (it is now in the dinning room waiting to be gone through but again the first step is done) I just need Larry to move the desk out so I can then go get my paint and get started on that portion of the job.
  • I have finished 2 books already this summer and am almost finished with my 3.  Finally making progress with my reading.  Especially needed since I keep getting more books I want to read on my nook and at HPB.
  • Today was day one of my serious push to get daily work outs in.  I have been trying this for a couple weeks, but I just feel much different about all of it this time.  Maybe because I am trying to tighten up on our budget and this is a cheap bill we pay that gets me out of the house and doing something that doesn't cost me extra....well hopefully it will with the need for new clothes, but I can happily handle the thought of that expense. 
I also am trying to workout and read more to help with a little depression I am battling lately.  I have always been a person who likes to be with her friends.  But with the rise of summer bills and such high priced gas along with not living close to most of my friends, it makes it difficult for most of them to be able to hang out.  The hubby's friends don't have as many problems with this so I am feeling a little abandoned lately. Hubby is doing all he can to help with this, but a girl still needs those outside of family.
Ok, enough being down.  Actually feeling pretty good.  Going to go jump in the shower and get to work also got the girls back from their mom's for the week so a few activities with them and getting a plan on baby gifts for our cousins' coming little boy!