Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm so Blue...and Brown and Green!

I will explain the title in a minute. I need to say though that I will soon return to more fabulous memories of Blake. But even though I'm overly sad and morning for the loss, I still have a family to take care of and in honor of him, we are continuing life as we should.

So in due of this, I wanted to update what has been going on.

Last weekend was the Neiman Marcus holiday window reveal and celebration. Larry's work is next door so they play a big part of it. And we had the advantage of getting to go up in part of the building that isn't finished and leased to shops yet so we were looking out the windows above onto the big reveal and were also face to face with Santa as he road a cable down onto the stage (last year he came in on a jet pack).

This weekend Larry is headed off to go hunting again, Holly is going with my aunt all day Saturday to help and learn the workings of a dog show. Since I haven't been able to get the van in to the shop to get some work done, I'm not going to chance going out to Bryan this weekend. I may do as Larry suggested and go on a week day right after Thanksgiving.

Now for the title. Some time ago I got the June/July edition of Threads magazine due to the project on the cover. It was a while before I started it and then took a lot of reading and rereading to get it all down. I have been working on it for a while. I was almost finished with it over a month ago, but then just go super busy. Yesterday I made time though and am proud to say it's finished!! There are mistakes here and there. But most of you won't know or notice, and I'm proud of it, and that's what counts, right?! I made one addition to it. Using this tutorial, I added a magnetic snap.

I am also very pleased with my fabric choices. And I am now using it for my purse. Ok, off to get some errands done so I don't have to deal with the weekend crowds.


Hurtado Family said...

Wow that is great!!! I love it!!! Wish I could sew...

Christy Lynn said...

Super cute tote bag, Toby! Love your fabric choices, too. You go girl!! I never did learn how to use a sewing machine, but I think I've got enough hobbies going without adding sewing to the list! :)

Charisse said...

We did not win the cupcake aprons :-( But another woman did. Oh well. There will be other giveaways. And oh yeah...I changed my background to be cupcakes...woowoo