Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been on a break

Sorry I haven't been faster with more stories, but I've been taking a break from some of it. I've still been battling a lot of back and forth, and went to the library and check out some books to help me with getting through all of this. I've just had a hard time accepting that it happened, and I really need to.
Haylee is coming to town for the weekend. So I've planned my trip to visit Blake and his family around that. Since my meeting spot with Haylee's mom is in Waco, that puts me half way. I will take her back a couple hours earlier than normal on Sunday and then head out to College Station/Bryan so I can get there before dark. Then I will also have time to visit with his family before I have to head home.
I plan to get pictures scanned tonight so I can get a few up tomorrow. The next couple of stories I would like to share are quite the chucklers. One is actually one my mom shared with me that I didn't remember.

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