Friday, November 14, 2008

M.O.B. Part 2

It's a busy day, so I will only share a couple memories today, but I wanted to get some in now that I got the pictures scanned thanks to my big bro.

Here is why I had my hair pulled on a lot. This was summer of 1988. I didn't get my first haircut till then.

My mom shared with me a pretty funny one. She told me that our first grade teacher told her she really enjoyed watching the two of us. She said anyone could tell Blake really liked me, and I milked it for all its worth. I apparently had no objection to letting him turn in all my papers for me and carrying all my stuff! Boy was I rotten!!

I also remember 1st grade class picture day really well. I remember after the picture was done and we were standing around about to line up, Blake came hurrying over. He told me he almost threw up in the picture and when it was done ran out of the library without telling our teacher (I guess he had to throw in that part to show how daring he was.) I didn't believe him. When we got the pictures in class, I hurried to open mine and see what it showed.
And low and behold:
(Look at the top left. I'm in the front second from the left.)

Those two memories have definitely brought some happy thoughts despite all the sadness.

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Charisse said...

WOW!!! I had heard your hair was long and light colored....but I don't think I ever saw an actual pic of your super long hair. I love it. You were such a cutie patootie. Not that you aren't now. :-) I am glad you are making it through this time. You know I am here and I love you. Feel free to call me on your way out there. Or on your way home. Or anytime.