Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayers for the hubby, please!

I can't remember, but am pretty sure, I've mentioned Larry's sever migraines in the past. We have been seeing a Neurologist who specializes in this area.
At his last visit on Jan. 20, she didn't like some of the symptoms he described that he gets when he has a migraine or if he feels one about to start before the meds kick in and block it. So she has decided to have him do a 48 hr EEG to see if he is having mild seizures. When she mentioned that I told her about our nephew having seizures. And when asking my sis-in-law the details of his she informed me Larry had a great aunt who had them too. So obviously there is a family history of those as well as migraines.
So I am taking him to the doc around 4 to get him all hooked up, and he will be on the monitor all weekend. He will be required to stay home all weekend and just veg. But who wants to go out all hooked up anyway?
So please pray that he's not too uncomfortable this weekend and that the test tells us something. Preferably something good.


Tiffany Pruett said...

Sending prayers your way!

Dustythemomhaskins said...

There a coming!!! Hang in there Larry. I hope all is well and this is all for nothing. HAHAHA, Good Luck!!