Thursday, March 19, 2009

Treats and Seats

Treats that were bought and seats that I sat in!
Tuesday my mom and I were going to treat ourselves to a movie. I hadn't seen Bedtime Stories yet, so we decided to go to the dollar theater (which is actually the dollar fifty or two dollar theater!) and watch. Well it's Spring Break and Tuesday is true dollar day. All this added up to a massive line at the theater and us deciding we would skip the movie. So instead we went to Joann's where I found tons of fabric and ribbon that I will have to go back and stock up on. Fabulous stuff for my chew and tag blankets. We found a fun book on Peeps that we HAD to have. So fun! We then went over to Ross to wonder around. We both got a few treats from there. My mom got some wall sconces she had been wanting and a really cool napkin holder. I got some super cute boxes for stashing some of my fabric scraps or whatever I decide. I also found a super cute egg timer for super cheap. I've seen them plenty of places, but this price was just too good to pass up.

Today the tire shop called me a few minutes before noon to tell me they had the part they needed and to see what time I wold like to come in. I said I would be there in 20. When I got there they had a bay open for me and pulled me right in. I stayed at the window to watch. I saw him pull out the plastic ring again and then was on the phone, uh-oh. He came in told me the plate they got was slightly off so he was sending another guy to another shop 10 miles away to get the right one. So I sat. Time passed and he came and got me. Some reason it still wasn't working so he was going to call the Jeep dealer to figure it out. Turns out there is one more part needed to do the balance...a $300 part. Yuck! Glad I don't pay for it though. The fabulous guy helping me didn't want me to wait ANOTHER day so he found out what it costs at the dealer to have it done and gave me the money to pay for it. He promised though that he would be ordering the part and they would have it all ready for me when I was due for my next rotation. So off I went to the dealer about an hour and a half after I arrived. I then sat in the dealer that was a ways away for another hour. So 3 hours after the call I was finally balanced! I definitely give huge compliments to the staff at the Discount Tires in Mansfield off of 287. They go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. We have been going to this store since we moved here and have been pleased. But this was really great customer service. I received an apology from every worker I came in contact with. And since this was their first time dealing with my kind of wheels, I really didn't feel they needed to apologize. They made sure I was taken care of even if that meant paying someone else to do the job. And if they hadn't needed another part I would have been out of there in 10 minutes. Also one last thing, not one of them treated me like a dumb girl who didn't know anything. They explained things clearly where I understood what I didn't know, but made me feel knowledgeable too. Especially good since I grew up learning about cars from my dad and continue to learn from him, my brother, my husband, my brother-in-law, and my father-in-law.
Treats and Seats!

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Charisse said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! Yay for nice people. I love when you find excellent customer service!!!