Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I've been working really hard when I can on a cute little handbag I found in a book. Now I have been doing other activities and am a fairly slow sewer, so it's been a bit of a slow process. But I was so excited because I was sure today I would finish it. I was to leave sometime today to stay with Larry for a couple of days. So my chores I needed to get done made it look like I wouldn't finish. But one chore changed all my plans.
The Jeep is over due for having its tires rotated, so I HAD to do that before any more trips farther than 10 miles. I was super excited when they had me finished in about 30 minutes. But as I pick up speed on the highway back home, my truck starts going a bit crazy with vibrating and the steering wheel jerking. I go down this section of highway often, so I know this isn't due to a bumpy road. So I pull over check all the lugs, all tight, and then return to the tire shop. The wonderful guys put my truck right back up even though the store now had a few customers, and proceeded to work very hard for an hour to fix the problem. Turns out the wheels I have have to have a custom plate put on the machine when they balance them. The guy was super apologetic that they didn't have the part. He said he would get it here by tomorrow and contact me. And as soon as I get there my truck goes straight up no matter how busy. He apologized a number of times, but I felt it was unneeded since he said my truck was the first he had had with these new style wheels.
So anyway, back to my point. With this occurrence it is not possible to drive my truck anywhere but home from the tire shop and then back when they tell me the part is in. So it is keeping me from going to see Larry, boo, but it will allow me to finish my sewing, yay!
So as I am working on it the past couple of days, I've had to make a few adjustments to make it work right for me. I had a worry about the handle being too short, but that was the last thing to do and figured it would be an easy fix if I had to. So I sew all the layers of the bag together and turn it right side out before I close the turning hole and finish with the handle. Excitedly I get it all pushed out the right way to find that for some reason ,that I at the moment am not sure why, the bag is all bunched up at the turns and I can't get the fabric to line up properly at the turning hole. I'm almost positive I could fix it by just taking out a layer in the middle, but to do that I have to pull apart the WHOLE bag!!!
So obviously I'm frustrated. I was so excited to get some sewing done this week during my time alone and now I only have one messed up project to show for it...UGHA! I should have stuck with the bag I was originally going to work on. But this one is out of a library book, so I wanted to get it done first. Again, UGHA! Maybe the other one will be super easy and I can get it done all in one day before I leave tomorrow...YEAH, RIGHT! Especially since I wanted to work on the horrible weeds tomorrow morning that seem to be taking over my yard. Oh and learn, right?
Thanks for letting me vent.

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Charisse said...

So sorry that your fun project turned out to be a pain in the neck and aggravating. It'll be alright, I promise. ;-)

Good luck on the weeds. And be careful on your drive to East Texas.