Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Is here!! Woohoo! And starting the end of last week, the temperatures have started cooling down. It has really been nice to be outside lately. Not quite nice enough for me to turn off the AC and open the house up, but I think that will be coming sooner than normal.
Sorry haven't gotten into the posting regularly again yet. The first week of school was a bit hectic. Haylee ended up deciding that the athletics department was a bit rougher than she cared for. Thankfully it was no problem getting her switched over to P.E. She is much happier. She has also proven me right and quickly made friends. She is already making plans for hanging out at a friends house after school soon to do homework and have fun. I'm very pleased. From different comments Haylee's made about the girl, she sounds like another one with a good head.
Holly is enjoying being in intermediate, but she enjoys anything new so it's no surprise. She's my easy to please child. Strong willed, but easy to please!
My other problem is my computer has a major virus detected so I can't use it now. So again on Larry's. I really need a new one anyway. So may finally seriously look into getting a new one (that one is 7 years old now), and redoing mine and making it into one for the girls to use without me worrying about what they do on mine so much.
Ok, off for today. Got to get some cleaning done and then errands run. Hope to finish up most of my major chores this week, then spending most of the days next week at my mom's while my dad is on vacation with my brother. We have some projects to work on. Then the next week get to work on organizing and painting my laundry/computer room. Hopefully I'll have time for sewing/knitting and reading somewhere in all of that.

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