Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tightening that belt

So I am taking a break from my workout to post. I'm mowing the yard and I consider that a major workout that some days gets divided over a couple days due to how huge our lot is. It feels really good today so hopefully I can get it all done. But I had to wait longer than normal for the morning dew to dry since it was a much cooler morning (nice change!). So it may be too hot soon to finish it all up.
That was a long tangent.
I have been doing pretty well with my workouts lately. Last week a lot happened keeping me from wanting to do a really heart pumping work out for a few days. I am proud to say though I still made sure and got out and had a leisurely walk so I could stay in the routine of moving some each morning.
I need to get back to really eating better. I'm doing good, but it's not good enough to loose weight. It's just enough to keep me from gaining again. That is still a good thing I'm proud of, but I do want to make that extra push. I have been watching a show recently called "Cook Yourself Thin". I really like their cooking style. They don't believe in denying you the things you like to eat, they just teach you better ways of fixing them to make them healthier. They show you how to make things still flavorful without all the fatty ingredients. They use a lot more spices and non-noticable substitutes. I have checked out the cookbook from the library many times, so I need to just buy it. But for now I can spend the money saved on ingredients for the recipes. I am going to try my first recipe from it tonight and hopefully it will go over well with the family. I have a back up for the kids if it just ends up all wrong.
Like I said earlier, I am holding my weight right now. But the good news is: I AM GETTING SMALLER! I am starting to tighten and tone. I stopped in JCPenny the other day with my mom to make a return and help her with some shopping. I noticed jeans were on sale, so I decided to go back the next day and look for some for me. I really didn't want to buy any till I had really lost a good amount of weight, but I was down to one decent pair and they are fading fast. Since the prices were so good, I decided to go ahead. I tried on a couple pairs I liked in the woman's section but they just weren't comfortable. So I went ahead and tried on some in the juniors section. They fit! I need to really find a good ab work out so they can look a little more flattering, but I couldn't believe I had gotten back into a pair of juniors jeans that made my butt look good! I also was down TWO sizes from the last pair of juniors jeans I had purchased last winter! I got those ones to go with some boots since that was the only section that had some that worked. But they weren't that flattering. I think they were actually a bit big, but the size just below that was definitely too small.
I am very excited to be getting the results I want! I also tried on the shirts I am working to get into for my birthday. I can get into them! I could also wear them if I really wanted, but I think a few more changes are needed for me to feel like I really look good in them.
Had to get this all down so I could have it where I can see that my hard work is getting results!

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