Saturday, September 26, 2009

Be vewy, vewy qwiet! We're hunting canned pumpkin!

For over a month now I have been struggling to find canned pumpkin. I am a freak for all things pumpkin. And with my dear friend Lori introducing me to the Spiced Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks a few years ago, the addiction is even more insane.
If you have been dropping in for a while, you may remember this post of finding my own recipe for one last March when I had a craving for the drink that is only made September through December.
Well the anticipation of its return had me a bit on the impatient side. So back in August I had the itch to make one. I've had the itch many times, but couldn't find the canned pumpkin. I figured it was just the wrong time of year for it even though I know I've seen it year round in the past. My thoughts were surely it would be on shelves in late August. Apparently I was wrong. No luck ANYWHERE! And I mean ANYWHERE! I went to MANY grocery stores looking. In addition to my coffee craving my husband was starting to crave pumpkin bread with all my talk about not finding canned pumpkin.
So Starbucks released its drink, and I began spending WAY too much money on pumpkin coffees. So I start mentioning my lack of finding on my Facebook page. I got many kind and attemptingly helpful comments. But I could tell that many thought I was just doing something wrong in not being able to find it.
Last weekend I went over to Lori's house with the girls to visit with her and Lucas while her hubby was having to work at the Cowboys game (he is an editor for the Dallas Morning News). We went to the grocery store to get stuff to cook for dinner. I thankfully thought to look for my precious canned pumpkin and FINALLY found some!
The next day I was happy with my find and about to start making various pumpkin goodies. But when doing some of my daily blog reading I found a title that stopped me. This post from explained a lot.
So I quickly called Lori and informed her of my new found information and asked her to please pick me up some more cans. I also started getting my family to all hunt for me too. With knowing about this shortage I became even more desperate.
That evening Lori's husband came home bring treats from a business dinner. He was disappointed due to not finding a standard pumpkin treat he loves. Lori informed him of the new information I had given her. He decided that might be an interesting news tip to put out. So he passed it on to his higher ups who agreed. And low and behold we have an article that I am in!
I am tickled pink that my hunt for pumpkin is news worthy! And I'm not crazy after all! hehe


LBDDiaries said...

Wow, I'm glad I read this so I'll know if there is any missing pumpkin in my local store. I would freak (except now I know it's on it's way). I have been reading your older posts - like and enjoy your reading style! Glad I found you (thru charissej!)!

Toby E. said...

Thanks so much! That's good to hear. Never get many comments and sometimes I wonder if I make sense. It really is hard "unjumbling jumbled thoughts". Getting feed back helps.
I'm not one to comment too often on the blogs I read either though.