Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last night was a bit of a rough night. I woke up in the middle of the night due to a dream. In the dream I was aggravated with the hubby and one of the kids. She had acted up and Larry ignored my handling of it and took her to the movies. Something totally crazy especially since the house we were living in was the one I grew up in and I was hiding in the garage across the street to cool off. I woke up in the middle of the attempted cool off and hung on to the upset mood all the way through morning. HORMONES!
Also our cat Milee is missing. We went camping over Labor Day weekend. Apparently while we were gone she disappeared. There wasn't enough food missing for two cats to have been eating all weekend. When we have been gone for a bit, she becomes very clingy. She doesn't normally want to be petted much but she is dying to be held when we return from a day or more away. This time she didn't show up for her normal shoulder riding and cheek scratching I give her.
Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats that come and go as they please. This is how it always was when I was growing up and had cats. So I am always prepared that something may happen. The last time we lost a cat though, Holly was only 4 and didn't really notice him missing. Milee would rather meow back and forth with you than sit in your lap, so no one is quite as attached to her as our other cat we currently have, but it's not going to be easy if she doesn't show back up soon and I have to break down and tell my youngest she's missing. My older one already knows. She has caught me outside calling for her and looking around.
Like I said, she isn't one to be a lap cat. She's very independent. But she is a super pretty one and was an anniversary gift from Larry for our 4th anniversary. I was in the wreck that lead to finding my tumor the day before our anniversary and couldn't do anything to celebrate, so Larry got me her. He knew I had always wanted a calico.
That is the other reason my night was so rough. Worry and every time something jumped into the bed I would wake up thinking it was her just to find out it was Matty our other cat.
Now for the super hard part. Continuing to wait without worrying too much since I have had cats disappear and then return, and to decide when will be the right time to inform Holly.
Then what to do? Does replacing her make it easier? Does Matty still need company? We had gotten our cat Flash (that we had to send to my Aunt's) as a companion for Matty. We still had Milee to keep him company when we had to let him go so I didn't replace him. Matty hasn't shown any signs of being lonely so far, but he does enjoy wrestling with the other cats we have had. He has never minded other animals so I don't worry about a territory thing as much as him getting lonely.
Ugh, this is why it is often easier NOT to have pets.

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