Friday, September 18, 2009

LWT and LGT and...

LBT and LBJ. Those are my goals. That is White T's, Grey T, Brown T, and Blue Jeans. I have some T-shirts I had bought recently and ones that had been bought for me. Not on purpose, but they were bought a bit on the small side. It is my goal to be able to wear them where they look nice on me by my birthday. I feel that is a reasonable goal. I don't need to drop too much weight to get into them. I also would like to buy a new pair of jeans. While taking the kids clothes shopping back before school, I saw a number of cute brands I would like to purchase.
I noticed a couple things last night and today that had me over joyed with my results so far. I have not lost weight yet since I really just got back into it this week. But last night I was doing some various activities that normally wear me out. And instead I still had energy when I was done. And I have noticed that I have been doing much better on food choices. I am finally finding things that fill me up with much less food! Woohoo! It's about time!
Just wanted to share my goals and results so far. I think this time they are ones I will be able to make long term.
And here are some pictures from my walk this morning which turned out a bit too long. I got a little too into exploring and went way farther than I should have. I wasn't prepared for that hefty of a workout today.
It's been raining for over a week and I was only able to do outdoor workouts two mornings this week. And this was what I saw all over during this morning's workout.


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