Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's one of those days

It's like I have severe PMS today but I am no where near time for that. It's so crappy that I had half a post written out, but hated it so much that I erased it.
My main thing is to thank Larry for his putting up with my crappy mood that seems to be being taken out on him for no reason. He is doing all he can to help me out even with needing to work.
And thank you to my good friend Tina for calling to talk/vent at the perfect time. How do friends know what you need without you saying it? Those are the angels in disguise!
I don't know what has me in this mood, whatever it is, I hope it leaves quick or whatever I need to fix it better come soon.
Ok time to go, cause this posting isn't working either to help me.

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