Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you ever...

discovered you are suddenly obsessed with a color that you once thought was just horrible? I am experiencing that now with the color chartreuse. At least I guess that's what color it is. It started with me buying it in a tube top for me to mow in. They had so many cute colors that I bought 5 tops picking this one to mow in and not getting the pretty ones nasty. I knew the color looked horrible on me so no big deal that I cover it in sweat, dirt, and grass. Then the more I looked at it the more I liked it. And before I knew it I had this collection:

Tube top in the center, plaid shorts, plaid scarf, flip flops, nail polish, and fabric, thread, and buttons for making a little project. I don't wear the top in public cause no matter what I think of the color, it still looks awful on me.

So anyone else experienced this? If so what color?

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Charisse said...

Thats what happened with me and yellow. Remember, my two favorite colors were emerald green and royal purple...they somehow morphed into nice colors - but MAN I LOVE YELLOW!!!

PS - How did I miss this post? I feel like a horrible friend. SORRY!!!