Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am a Girl Who

obviously lives for the pressure.
I have the house to myself for a short time and here I sit. The girls are still at their mom's for part of summer and Larry left yesterday for Austin. He went to work on the AC in his brother's rental house they are about to sell. He is finished and is just enjoying a little time trying to find some old buddies he grew up with and making a stop in to visit with the girls. There mom lives just North of Austin...for about another week. Then they will be living about 40 miles from us. NO MORE DRIVES TO WACO WOOWOO!!! That just cut off 400 miles a month on my Jeep!
Anyway my point. I CAN'T MAKE MYSELF DO ANYTHING! Well I did unload and reload the few dishes I had for the dishwasher, clean out the fridge, straighten and cleanup all the kitchen counters except my connection counter (a.k.a. paper catcher and junk holder), dropped an important letter off at the post office (but didn't think to get a quick package ready to be mailed too), and picked up some study books that had come in I reserved at the library. That's a little bit of a list, but nothing that took long. I am waiting for the guy who is rebuilding our fallen mailbox to get here, but he is having truck trouble so who knows when he will arrive (I definitely could have done my workout this morning and gotten my shower in before he showed even though I slept 30 minutes passed what I planned).
So I should be doing things. I have a couple more chores to do, but they aren't pressing and will take no time. I have a book due at the library next week that there is a long reserve list for so there is no way I can renew my checkout. I have my simple summer dress that got put on hold I wanted to sew, Holly's summer bag that needs a strap repaired, some embroidery I would like to start since I haven't done any of that since I was a kid, some cross stitch I would like to work on, and new yarn I bought last week that I would love to use (got to really get to learning better how to knit), some studying to do, a little paper work to get done, and a number of things I need to take back to a few various stores. Oh and I need to touch up my paint on my toe nails. But only a little of that actually has a dead line, but it's not pressing that much till later in the day and most of the rest has none. So without pressure today, I just can't get myself to get up and get to anything. Once I get started on something it will all just start to flow and get going, but it's that getting started. I just have absolutely no motivation today....grr.
Enough griping about it, no one probably wants to even read it. I think I'll pretend Larry will be home soon and go get to work on some of it. Just wanted something else to do with drinking my Cherry DP from Sonic (oh yeah, stopped there to get that and an order of mozzarella sticks for my craving/early lunch. healthy?) other than that list.

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