Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Suggestions for getting out of a rut greatly appreciated

This morning I am getting ready to have lunch with a very close friend at one of our old hang outs from back before either of us was married with kids. It's just a simple steakhouse that we could actually take our family to, and I have been there a couple times with my husband. But it's just a tradition for the two of us to go on our own. There were many meals shared their by two single girls admiring the cute waiters and talking about personal (aka private) girly things.
So in honor of this I am spending a little extra time doing my hair and makeup. Doing this has brought up a thought that I think about often, but never do anything about.
I have never been one to keep my looks of great importance. I have never had high self esteem when it came to my looks, so I never put much effort into it unless I was doing something special. Now with being a stay at home mom, I have fallen into this even more. I can't seem to justify doing my hair and makeup to basically stay home or just for running to Walmart/Target or the library. I then end up not doing much for going anywhere and often feel inadequate compaired to the other women out and about. When I do choose to fix myself up some, my husband comments on it. His heart is in the right place because he says he prefers me without the makeup. I don't over do it, and never have the desire to put on much. But I do think a little helps to brighten my face (lets face it, I don't have that perfect, even complexion from youth). But when I hear these comments, I feel like I'm trying to put on a show and shouldn't do that. Which has me falling back into my norm. I think this also leads to me not putting in the effort I need to to get back in shape and have to body shape I desire. I just can't get inspired to get into the routine.
So my question is for my stay at home mom readers. What are your thoughts? What do you do? Do any of you have this same problem or feel the same way? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do or another way to look at things? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Hurtado Family said...

Ok...so your totally on my brain wave with these thoughts!

I know exactly how you feel and granted with two little ones needing my constant attention, it is challenging for me to find the time to blow dry my hair or put make up on when I here watching Sesame Street and getting forumal spit up on me....however...the days that I do make the time for the nice hair and make up...I feel really good about myself..and it gives me that little push to make the effort more often when I'm at home. So honestly....this happens about 2 sometimes 3 times a week which a big improvement from 0.

But also...You should do whatever makes YOU happy. If you feel like you are putting on a show or conforming, then don't do it...do what makes Toby happy..thats what really matters =)

aimee said...

I agree. Don't let being a stay at home mom keep you from fixing yourself up or dressing up or anything else that helps you to feel good. And if make up makes you feel better-wear it. I am sure your husband wants you to be happy.