Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What people will try!!

I have for as long as I can remember, wanted an English Bulldog.

I think their faces are the cutest thing. Turns out Larry has always wanted one too.
We recently decided to start searching a little more seriously into getting one.
We started with the paper, but as normal their price ranges from $1500-$2500. And since we are just wanting a family pet, I can't see spending that much on one. We found a rescue shelter for bulldogs, and they had one that would be absolutely perfect for our family for only $400. I still felt this to be a bit much, but was considering it. Especially since once again it would be a rescued dog. (all of our pets are rescued) But while we were considering the idea of it, he was adopted. :(
Larry then started hunting through the papers classified ads online. We found one that said free puppies, only pay shipping. So we started communicating knowing there was the possibility of it being a scam. To make a long story short, turns out it was a scam. Thankfully we went in with our heads and not our hearts, 'cause they posted pictures of two girl puppies that you would have to have absolutely no heart to not fall in love with them.
I just hate to think of those people they do scam and get money out of, 'cause it's kind, trusting people who are only wanting a new family member to love that they end up hurting and stealing from.

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