Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few pictures

Thought I would post a few pics to be enjoyed.

This is a pic. from the backyard looking across the street on one of the really, really foggy days the other week. There is suppose to be a high school, parking lot, and football stadium for you to see. So you can tell it truely was a foggy day.

This is my birthday cake. Larry and Holly had a little too much fun with the icing.

The school district Holly attends has a uniform dress code, but this week is red ribbion week . And yesterday was crazy sock day, so Holly borrowed a pair of my toe socks .

Larry's work has a company party today. Each property had to create a table center piece from thing found in the office. Larry created the one for his property. I am more than impressed with his creativeness!! (this is only one side. He made it where it had two fronts and no back.)

And this is Larry in his Greek god costume created by a coworker for the company party.


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