Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hard to believe as of 5:30 this morning that is my age. This is one age that really hit me as older. 25 didn't do it for me, 26 did and now so is this one.
This birthday is a lot more special to me with all that has happened. Even though my day is busy with normal errands, it still is a huge mile stone. I think every one will be from now on. Since I now know how close I was to not having anymore. If the tumor had bled out much more before they caught it, I wouldn't be around. And as I look at my daughters and continue to yearn for a child that I get the chance to carry and not have in the middle of all the fights that go on with the girls mom, the idea of not being here is one I'm more than thankful that I don't have to face, at least not due to a tumor.
Anyway...most of my celebrating was this weekend. Haylee is currently living with their mother (she is expect her 5th child and Haylee wants to be a part of it), so she was down this weekend. We did various family things. What was the most fun is they were family things I picked for us to do. Nothing real big, just hung out in some places we use to go to a lot but haven't gotten to with the last couple of moves. And just really enjoyed each other's company.
This afternoon when Holly gets home from school, we are going to run up to Michael's to get a couple birthday gifts I planned to buy myself ;) and some stuff to decorate my cake. Then we'll come home and bake.
I'm off now to go get my glasses fixed (my latest prescription has some glare problems that need to be buffed out).
Hope you all enjoy your day and to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!


aimee said...

Happy Birthday! Especially since all you've been through!! Enjoy the day and buy yourself a couple more gifts. You deserve it! :)

Hurtado Family said...

Happy Birthday! You have a had a lot to go through this year and that will all make year 28 a definite milestone! You are so blessed!

ps..I'm so glad you sent out your blog address...I love reading these things!!!