Friday, November 2, 2007


So this year Holly decided to go scary for the first time and was a vampiress. The cape turned out not too bad for just cutting it and adding some iron adhesive to keep it from riping. It needed to be a little shorter so she didn't step on it, but she wouldn't let me cut it anymore.

I have to claim some bragging rights on her makeup, but I'll get into that later.

Larry unfortunately is having some rough days with work, trying to get things perfected before he leaves (today is his last day with the company). And his tooth was cause him pain again, so he ended up staying home. This was even more sad since it was such great weather for Halloween. The best we've had in a few years. But I wasn't about to take her door to door on my own. So we ended up meeting my parents, brother, brother's girlfriend, and her little girl at the mall to take them trick-or-treating there. This was disappointing due to so many people and so much of having to watch out on not stepping on other kids. There also was very little candy. The girls mostly received sweet tart, a couple pieces of bubble gum and some tootsie rolls. And by the time we all made it, it was almost time for them to put away. So we hurried back to my parents' neighborhood (the one I grew up trick-or-treating in), and were able to go down the block and let the girls fill their bags with some chocolate for the moms. ;) And of corse my parents had stashed away bags of the "good" candy so they could give them a bunch.

So it was a fairly mild Halloween, which turned out to be fairly good. Holly was just starting to get a cold. And the start is always the worst. So she was dragging pretty good fairly early. She also had had a costume parade that morning at school that I had to miss. (When I scheduled Larry's eye appointment with my eye doctor that day we originally thought he would be off from work, and I didn't know then that there would be a parade. And with the job move there was no way I could reschedule it for before we lost our current health insurance. ) So Holly was being extra clingy and ready to finish before she got much candy. And with the blacked out eyes I did, she looked like she felt really, really awful. I kept asking her if she was ready to go long before she was. I had to wash the makeup off at my parents house before we went home, so I could really see how she felt.
So I brought my camera with me, but I got so busy watching out for the girls, that I forgot to take any pics of them together or while trick-or-treating this year. My brother did get some of them together, so as soon as he sends me those I'll post them. Olivia (his girlfriend's daughter) was Jasmine. I think that is so cool 'cause she is in 1st grade, and when Holly was in first that's what she was for Halloween. I'll have to post some comparison pics too.
Off to see if the grass is finally dry enough to mow. Have a fab Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Hey lady....she is soo cute...I am impressed...Lorelli was a pretty pink princess...of course purchased by her illustrious babysitters...they brought her to my work so I could see her and I took her around so she could say "trick or treat", which sounded very much like chick cheat. heheh She got some candy in her little halloween purse, also purchased by the surrogate grandparents. She was just too when sh e picked up a movie and told Mommy trick or treat...I had to go ahead and buy it for her...hehehe


aimee said...

Great costume and make-up! Hope everyone feels better!