Thursday, November 8, 2007

In the Mood

Especially with the weather going back to warm so much right now, it's hard for me to grasp that it's almost Thanksgiving and Christmas.
For the past couple years Larry has been on call for Thanksgiving, so the girls have spent the holiday with their mom so they could be with more family. This actually let Larry and I have a holiday where we felt a little like newly weds without children. We enjoyed fixing a meal for two that could actually feed 12. We'd cook a fairly small turkey, a ham, and all the sides. This year he will not be on call since his new job is with a high rise aparment that is being built from one of the older business buildings in downtown Dallas, and no one will be living there until next March or May. And with now finally having a house, we are inviting his family over for Thanksgiving here. So I am looking forward to that.
The thing is I'm just not really getting anywhere near a Christmas mood. I'm looking forward to the music and cold weather and pretty lights, but that's it. With the new house I was hoping to get excited. But like it has the past few years, something has happened so close to Christmas time to really dampen the good, and uplifting mood. Christmas is usually a time I really enjoy, but not lately. And that's something that upsets me more. With the girls going to be at their mom's for Christmas this year, I don't have the excitement of watching them Christmas morning. (I had my very first Christmas morning with them 3 years ago. Larry and I were so excited we woke up before them and started throwing things towards their door to try and wake them up. :) )
So if anyone has some inexpensive and/or free ideas of things I could do to get in the mood, you'd really be helping me loose that "bah humbug mood"!

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