Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I was spoiled!!

With everything happening, I never got to post about my afternoon with my friend on Oct. 30 that I mentioned.
Being the wonderful, best friend that she is, she turned it into a surprise birthday lunch.
She called me on my way there to let me know she got to the resturant early and was going to run a couple errands close by so she might be a couple minutes late. I did get there before her, but since it was so early there was no need for me to go in and get us a table where I would have to worry about missing her come in. So I just sat in my car and read my magazine.
She surprised me at my door shortly with presents! I was only expecting to hang out for lunch. Her "errands" had been stopping at one of the stores we shop at frequently to get me a shirt I really wanted. I had seen it on a maniquine, but could never find it anywhere in my size to purchase. She also gave me this adorable, unquie charm necklace with my first charm a friendship charm.
We then went in and enjoyed a fabulous lunch topped off with her treating us to their new peanut butter fudge deserts that came in these adorable mini peanut buckets. They were like cold reeses peanut butter cups (one of my favorite treats) in a bucket. I'll definately be returning soon for another one of those!!
We finished with a great deal of time left before either of us had to get back to our kids, and since we were close to the mall we decided to go look around for a bit.
We were walking through Dillard's near the makeup counters when she commented she'd never gone to one of the sales clerks and let them do a make over on her. She thought it would be nice to let someone else pamper her. So we stopped and let her get a little pampering while they did their best to sell her a fortune in products.
I don't think the sales clerks liked having me there though. They kept putting various colors on her that just didn't look good. Looking at how they wore their makeup and how they put it on her, I think these woman were ones use to working with younger girls who think more is better. There was no way I was going to let them put anything on my friend that took away from her natural beauty or that would have her uncomfortable, so I spoke up quite often. Kristi agreed with me, but being the one they were holding the brushes up to her face, she wasn't saying much. In the past, I was always a person who just stood back quietly and agreed with everyone else. But my husband has taught me to stand up for myself, so I am now able to do this and I do it for those I care for too. There is no walking over me anymore!!! So I voiced my opinion no matter if I thought the sales clerk liked what I said or not. It's my friend's face!!!
I was also having a problem with the other sales clerks. It was during a time of day where they only had a couple of customers, so the clerks were bored. One girl kept coming over to the one helping us and would just start talking to her about what was on her mind, not allowing our sales clerk to help us.
When my husband got home that evening, I kept telling him over and over how much fun we had and what all we did and happened. I told him how nice it was and how good it was to have someone other than him treat me so kindly and really spoil me. He said he was pleased too that I had such a great friend who treated me so great.
So thank you Kristi for your kindness and for your wonderful friendship!!! You mean worlds to me!!!

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Hurtado Family said...

That sounds like a fun very well deserved day! What a great friend!