Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday I just felt really bad. It was one of those things where your stomach feels a little ick, your head is in a little pain, and your body is a little achey. Had I had just one I probably could have gotten through the day fairly normally. But with all three I just felt aweful!!! So I spent the day just resting. Which now leaves me a huge pile to do today. I'm not 100%, but I will deal with it today. One day sick for a mom is more than a mom normal can squeeze. And since Larry was feeling uck by after lunch himself, I didn't get the whole day. The worst part of it was Larry had won free concert tickets for last night almost 2 months ago, and neither one of us was up for going. We ended up finally finding someone to give them to at about 7pm last night (concert started at 7:30). So I know they missed the opening band, but we hated having them wasted even if they were free.
Now I am stressing about Thanksgiving. It's next week and I don't know what's happening. We wanted to have it at our house this year, but it doesn't look like most of our family can make it, so we need to quickly decide if we are going to go to family's for the holiday or have a small one with just the 4 of us here. And I need to know like yesterday so I can know if I need to shop or not. aaahhhh!!!

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