Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Airing out the House

I am so thankful today is a cool, yet not too cool day. I can finally get the house opened up and aired out. There have been other days good for this, but I could never remember it. Today it was a must. Our dog, Ruby, had a stomach bug or had gotten into something. So yesterday I spent the whole day crawling on my hands and knees cleaning the carpet and washing her bedding and my daughter's comforter. Poor thing couldn't get to me fast enough sometimes to let me know she had to get outside NOW!! She's old so I couldn't just put her outside to fight it, and I couldn't find the gate to put up to block the hall way to the carpeted area of the house. The carpet is good and clean thanks to A LOT of elbow work, but now I need to get the house aired out do to all the cleaner smells and sick smells that seem to linget in the air. (no one else smells anything but cleaners, so it may just be me, but openning the house should do the trick at least for my mind)

And except for one more follow up on me due to my most recent perscription change (due to the removal), the last of the family went for their eye exam. My husband had fabulous insurance benifits at the company he just left, so I schedualed check ups for everyone so we could take advantage of all of it before we lost it and are without for the 2 months. I took them all to the doctor I've been seeing 'cause he's done fabulous things for me, and my husband really liked him when he met him last Feb at my first appointment with him ( and it's really hard to find any kind of doctor he likes).

Once again, he proved why I like him so much. Haylee was first. She has glasses, but we found out not the kind she needs. Dr. Kurtin suprised me when he asked if she struggled reading. I told him yes. Not enough that she fails, but enough to keep her frustrated. And the teachers have always been at a loss. Turns out she has slow focus (where it's hard for her to go from reading to looking far away if she glances up and then to go back to reading). So he put her in progressive lenses and said to see if that helps her. If not he has a specialist he will refer her too. So I am very excited for her. She just got them this weekend, so I am looking forward to calling her tonight to see how the last two days of school have gone.

Larry was next. He can see better than 20/20, but turns out he has an astigmatism no one has caught before. So he got glasses to help him to not have to work so hard on focusing on things like the computer.

And Holly was today. Lucky for her and my bank account, she has good eyesight and doesn't need any glasses.

Well that's all for today off to freshen a few more things up. To all those stopping in to read...God Bless!!

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