Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Break

From all I have to get done. Turns out we ARE going to have everyone here for Thanksgiving. So this weekend, all three of us got to work getting the house ready. And thanks to everything Larry and Holly did, I only have some last minute stuff to do such as the mopping and vacuming, and going over the bathroom one more time, and a few other odds and ends.

Right now I'm taking a little break while I wait for mom to get here. She is going to help me figure out all the food I need to get. I know most everyone did there shopping this weekend, so that may leave me hunting for everything I need, but there was no way I could handle that crowd. I love to be around people, but not ones who are shoving past you with grocery carts that often end up in your side or rolling over your toes.

The end of last week I did my observing at the different grade levels of schools at a school district over here, so I can start subtituting the beginning of December. I won't get a pay check to after the holidays, so it won't be money for Christmas. But it will be nice to get a little extra to help build the savings back up after the year we have had, and to have a little extra spending money for various wants and vacations.

On Friday evening, we went to downtown Dallas for the Neiman Marcus tree lighting, and revealing for their Holiday windows. It is only about a block from Larry's new building, and they had set up a both to advertise. So if anyone is looking to move to the Dallas area and is wanting to live in an A class apartment. Look up the Mercantile Building owned by Forest City. We had never gone before. They had all kinds of boths with advertisers passing out hot cocoa, popcorn balls, apple cider, ballons, glowing wands for sale, face painting, and pictures with Santa. Along with various people walking around entertaining. It was a long evening since Larry had to be there early, but it was fun.

ok was going to post pics, but it won't let me. I'll do it later.

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