Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I'm excited about a few things:
  1. Last night we closed on refinancing the house. We got lower payments and a lower interest rate.
  2. It's finally seeming like we are on the way down from the mountain we have been climbing for what will be a year on March 29. I've thought this before, so I'm trying not to get too excited, but it truly is looking that way!
  3. This Sunday is mine and Larry's 5th wedding anniversary. We were married on a Sunday, so I think it's extra special when it falls on the same day of the week. Our third anniversary was the only one so far that we were able to really enjoy and celebrate. On our 1st, I was on crutches with a cracked ankle. On our 2nd, I was trying to move us out of our apartment on my own because Larry was working in East TX at the time. The only reason I was able to see him at all on that day was due to him having a job interview back in Ft. Worth. Our 3rd, we went out to dinner. And on our 4th, I was in a wreck the day before and in a lot of pain. So I am super excited about this one. I didn't think we would get to do much of anything due to that mountain, but like I said we are on the way down. The plan for this anniversary is to celebrate on Saturday and Sunday. Larry now works in downtown Dallas, and has to work on Saturday. He has planned a night out though downtown. He has set up for the kid or kids (depending on if Haylee comes this weekend or not) to be watched for most of the day so I can have some relaxing alone time. Then, I am going to go to his work in the evening with a change of clothes for him. He has been working with the Concierge of the apartments to figure out some places for us to go, so we will spend the evening in downtown Dallas. Nothing too fancy, but a night of fun and surprises. It may just be dinner in one of the restaurants in one of his apartment buildings, but still I am getting very excited about it. Then on Sunday I plan to take all of us on a picnic (as long as the weather is nice), for us all to celebrate. I also said promise vows to the girls during the wedding, so it's actually all of ours anniversary, and not just mine and Larry's. So I like spending it with a night for the couple and a day for the family.

Ok time to try to control my excitement and get started on the laundry. Have a great day all!!

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