Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Return

...of all things normal. Holly has returned to school as of Monday as a 4th grader (it was our last first day of elementary....where did the time go?!!), which has me returning to a more normal routine. Which has me able to blog more often.
The first day went well, she enjoyed the many more privileges the older kids get, such as choosing where to sit. She also enjoyed seeing her friends again. (this is our first year to be returning to the school she attended the previous school year. we are planning on repeating this for many years to come, God willing). Yesterday she had her first day of homework. She got into it fairly well, but I don't think she liked the change in what I expected from her as well as what the teacher did. (as expected, the work is harder, and I made her do extra things on her own to better understand it, instead of me showing her. I also haven't knuckled down on her to have nice handwriting like I should, so she was real surprised at how much nicer I wanted it this time. I'm going to stick with it though. I was hard on her sister about it when she was younger and now she has great handwriting.)
With the return of school, has also had me returning to work on the house. With everyone gone, I have gone into super deep cleaning mode and reorganizing. I have just finished the kitchen and dinning room (I actually started this before school because the table was cover in papers I had been gathering to go through and trash or file away and I need to get it cleaned up for breakfast again) Now it's on to the living room today, which shouldn't take too long. Then my bedroom, which also shouldn't take too long. I'm also going to go and look for some plants to put in the bush beds (I have seen some bed covering plants at a couple other houses a few blocks away that I really like), and some thing to put near the front door for decoration. I lately just have been feeling blah when looking at the front of the house and I would really like to spruce it up a bit. And with the coming of fall (my absolute favorite time of year due to the crisp coolness and especially the colors) the store displays have got me in the mood to do some decorating.
I also will be returning to subbing again soon. I was hoping to try to get an aide job at Holly's school, but since that didn't work I'll do the sub thing again. That will leave me open to taking a job if another aide position becomes available, but still let me earn a little extra cash in the mean time. I have to call in though. I didn't get to renew from last year with all the business of having one or both girls all summer, so I won't be able to start again for a while.
OK off to get to work. I will post tons of pictures soon. The card adaptor is hidden in the living room, so I should be able to find it with my cleaning.

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