Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No matter how hard I try...still Naughty!

So I have been super naughty all around. Not purposely though.
I have been naughty first by not completing my memories of Blake. I will get to that soon. I am much better. It often still doesn't feel real, but for the most part I have accepted his passing now.

Second, I have been naughty blogging. I have gotten on here many times, but just to read others and never posting myself.

Third, I have been quite naughty to my friends. I have not e-mail or called them lately. Two in particular. K and C, I'm sorry! I haven't even gotten on myspace and left them a comment or bumper sticker (they have both sent me many of these, and each has made me laugh and/or touched my heart deeply). But other than a late b-day to another friend, I haven't looked or commented on anyone's page lately.

Things just stay busy around here. The most recent time occupant is Larry's grandmother. She had been sick back in October/November with a bleeding ulcer but had started doing much better, until recently. My SIL called last Friday to tell me Grandma would be having a major surgery today on her stomach. About 15 min after we hung up she called back to say they just called with results of a scan from that morning, and she needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately due to her stomach not draining at all. So we hurried out that night and got to see her Saturday morning. She was in high spirits. The doctors said that she has a strong heart and healthy lungs so she should handle the surgery fine. She's 84 and this is her first serious illness and first time in the hospital for something other than having a baby.
Her surgery was this morning, and last I heard it went well and she did fabulous. If she is able to have visitors, I am headed out tomorrow to see her.
If all goes well, we are planning to go to Colorado for Christmas. So this year we are skipping having a tree. Our last artificial one was really pretty, but it didn't make it in our last move. So last year we finally got a real one. But with going out of town, a real one is not safe. And this year the money for a fake one is better saved for the trip. We have done a little decorating though.
We didn't get to put up outside lights last year. And I REALLY wanted to this year. So we got just a few, again wanting to save for the trip. We started putting them up the Thanksgiving weekend, but found out we were out of staples for the staple gun so we didn't get far. Larry decided to just borrow the one from work, which is much better than ours, instead of buying more staples. But since then he hasn't been getting home from work till 9 or 10, and is too tired to do it. And there is no way I would be allowed to attempt to do it with my problems.

So here are some pictures of Larry putting up what we could that night.

And the result, as best as I could do shivering in the cold.

And here is a little of what I did inside

The fireplace

Some of my snowmen collection (I am missing my glass snow couple. I fear they may have accidentally been placed in the throw out pile left in Plano when we moved. I thought I had stored them in my closet at the apartment, but can't be sure. And since I had no involvement in the packing and moving, I don't know what could have happened...oh well, maybe I'll find replacements one day) I have other decorative snowmen in other areas such as placemats and table covers, and wreaths...think I like snowmen?

And the sofa tableAnd other stuff is scatter around.

I have also been busy sewing for Lucas. Which here is an updated picture of him I took today.

He has definitely become a BIG boy, which is so funny due to how tiny Lori is. But he is a SUPER sweet boy. He will be 5 months old next week. I always look forward to my Wednesdays with him.

Back to his sewing. I was wanting to make him a tag blanket that I've seen on various blogs. I finally got it done. But while cutting the fabric for it, I decided to make a small "chew blanket" for him. Turns out he loved it so much Lori has asked for more so she can easily wash without him being without. So hopefully I can get those finished up by next week. I don't get him again till the new year, but Lori and I are going to hang out next week. Meeting up for drop off/pick up is not enough quality time for us.

Here are the blankets

The Tag blanket

The Chew Blanket

Hopefully all this can allow everyone to forgive me for my "naughtiness", and I will work better to be "nice".


Dustythemomhaskins said...

alls forgiven, Good luck with Grandma she will be in my prayers. Looks like you are having much fun with the sewing. Congratulations on getting back to us out here in Cyber world. Merry Christmas, be safe on your travels.

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

oh my you HAVE been busy! Your blog looks super cute! I LOVE the picture of the snails on your header! I have always thought snails are cute since third grade - we had to bring one to school and watch it for two days, we set them on lettuce and watch them eat... they have teeth!! who knew! lol Cute tag blanket!

Charisse said...

Hey chica....You're not naughty. You're juts busy. And consumed with life happenings. Or maybe I am saying that because its been almost a month since I have blogged. :-) Gotta make myself feel better, too, sometimes. I have soooo much going on, but I did update pics on MySpace. And I AM coming home Christmas Eve.