Monday, January 25, 2010

For no good reason

I have been UBBER crabby lately. And my poor sweet husband has been the one to receive the crummy end of it all. I have picked super ridiculous arguments just for the sack of hearing my own gripy voice. I tell ya, that man must really love me cause he can wake up the next morning rushing off to work but making sure to stop back in the bedroom to tell me goodbye and love you. He then thinks of me at work and brings home surprises he finds that he knows will get me all excited.
I know what has me crabby is still no routine worked out and feeling overwhelmed with house work, work, and studying. Still happy to be working, but just got to bare down and figure a few things out.
Also we have been having illnesses running through the house. I had a stomach bug last week, and Larry has a nasty cold (at least hope it's just a cold). And neither one of us is getting much sleep.
Also another thing going on that I really should have stopped in sooner to mention, is my dad's sister is missing. She has not been heard from or seen at all since the start of 2010. We honestly don't know what could have happened to her or why. She is 70 year old woman who has very little to her name. We have heard various stories as to where she might be, but they all turned out false. I really don't want to get deep into the minimal details the police are willing to give us. I just ask for your prayers for my family and my aunt, Wenda Holling from Kiln, Mississippi. It is a small world due to internet, so please feel free to run a search for her to find all articles and news reports on her and help spread the word. We still have hope we may find her.

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