Monday, March 22, 2010

My Charisse

My most awesome wonderful friend, Charisse, came to town this weekend. It has been almost a year since I have seen her. We have never gone this long without seeing each other. And normally our time is way longer, but she had to make a flying trip. And no matter the length of time with her I am thankful. We talk so often and she sends me photos so often I truly feel like we see each other way more often (did I use the word often enough?).
I have been friends with this lady since I was 12! I adore her! I never imagined I would have a friend like her. She is the friend you only read about in books. She tells it like it is. She tells me the truth and doesn't hold back. And it is always with love. My heart overflows for her.
She came for me and her other Texas friends and family to meet her true love, Jennifer. Jennifer turned Charisse's life upside down. Charisse never wanted to get married...until Jennifer. Charisse was done with having kids...until Jennifer.
I was very nervous to meet Jennifer. No one Charisse has dated has ever made her feel like Jennifer does. I have met almost all the people Charisse has had a true relationship with, and none had me worried like this. So much of how Charisse talks reminds me of how it was when I met my husband. Why was I so nervous? I don't know. But that went away about 2 seconds after they entered my house Saturday night. You can't help but adore her. And the happiness and love is obvious. I have never seen Charisse like this. No other guy or girl she has had feelings for has ever truly loved or cared for her the way Jennifer does. I am so very happy for her.

My Charisse and me

Charisse, Tina (My other wonderful best! I have never grown so close to someone as fast as I have her. She will have her own post of her fabulousness soon!), and Me

The new family: Jennifer, Charisse, and Charisse's daughter Lorelli (a little crabby to pose for so many pictures in one weekend. Oh how I love that little girl though)

Best Friends with the loves of their lives!

And a huge congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement!

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Charisse said...



And I love her. :-)

It was an incredible visit. I am so glad that we made it. And that we were able to spend time together. And that you were able to LOVE her. :-)