Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seriously, I will get back on here!

Life seriously just takes over every year at this time. With school very quickly coming to an end (if all tests and reports come home good, it's over next Friday...AAHHH!!!!), we are bombarded with last minute projects, end of school activities (both of mine are past the classroom party stage unfortunately and are rewarded with trips to places such as Main Event and Six Flags instead. Couldn't we go back to just a cupcake party? Those are waay less than party tickets). We also have been bombarded with doctor visits lately. I FINALLY got in to the eye doc again and got brave and went for contacts. First time ever. Still working on quickly getting them put in. And I can feel my eyes trying to work harder than they need to at times since they think after 20 years, if there isn't something sitting on my face they need to be on overdrive. I am greatly enjoying the freedom I have with contacts. I don't have to switch glasses out coming in and out of stores. I also don't have something I am constantly pulling off to clean due to a smudge. The rest of the family has also been to many doctors a lot these past few weeks. Haylee had a very drastic and sudden eye change so we had to get her eye prescription updated. Then everyone of them has had some complication that has taken them all in to the doctor for various things a number of times lately. Nothing serious for anyone, but all stuff that couldn't be cured at home. I seriously think that if all of us had gone to the same doc each time one went in for something, that doc would have been able to purchase a new car just with the funding from our visits!
We also have been working hard to squeeze in a lot more family time lately. We all are in need of being more active, some more than others as mentioned at some of these doctor visits, so we have been getting out more and doing more activities that get us out and about. I am very excited about it. They are all places I have been wanting to go, but couldn't get everyone inspired enough to go with me. Turns out as I had figured, everyone has enjoyed our outings immensely! A few weeks ago we headed out to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Larry and I went in the fall for my birthday, but I was really wanting to go in the spring to enjoy the Rose Gardens. I definitely got my wish! I will post pictures from it soon. We took almost 200 that day. And many were by Larry and the girls of the various plants. I am very proud of their artistic eye they are each developing.
I am off though. Got to get to the library, tons of laundry to do, and I need to get my sewing table cleaned up and finally sit down and get some working done on it. Baby showers are quickly coming up, and oh how I LOVE sewing baby things!

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