Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekends, Weddings, and Lemons

Well, this weekend the baby birds left the nest. And on Monday a new mom moved in. And as of yesterday there is still just one egg. I worried too much with the last mom every time the weather got bad, and with all this wind. The pot would swing like it's own little pendulum with out the other ball to hit. But the other ones survived, and if a new mom moved in within a day, it's got to be a good spot. I wonder, is it the same dad and he is bringing his new partner to the nest so he knows where to go?
This last weekend was a long one. Larry was extremely ill. He toughed it out though and made it with us to his cousin's wedding at the Annabelle Mansion. Gorgeous wedding! The perfect mix of glamour and casual. I had been looking forward to this wedding for a year, and it lived up to all my hopes for them.

The bride and groom Lia and Casey

My Family

Now to just hold my excitement till another cousin of Larry's has her wedding in June!!

Within the past few months I have wanted a lemon tree. I am trying to do better at drinking a lot of water, and I've learned what helps me is by putting lemon slices in it. And with the recent drastic jump in price of lemons at the grocery store, I would really like to grow my own. The idea to grow my own was given to me watching a clip of the Martha Stewart show a few months ago that showed you can grow them in a container in your house. I REALLY liked that idea. I have been looking, but I had not had any luck in finding one. That is until I opened up the Home Depot add yesterday and found them on sale for $20. So I am off in a bit to go pick up a lemon tree!! Now for my requested books to be shipped to the local library to help me make sure I don't kill it.

This weekend Larry is taking a much needed vacation to visit his family in East TX and spend some time with his dad fishing. He took Friday off and has Monday off due to working next Saturday, so he left Thursday straight from work. Holly and I are going to relax at home (I severely stained my neck muscles earlier this week, and felt like I was dying due to the pain. I am much better, but not willing to push it). I plan to work on my sewing project and rent a few on demand movies and just veg out. Larry is aiming to be back Sunday so he can join Holly and me to go out to my Aunt and Uncle's house for my Uncle's 50th b-day. We will get the chance to see our cat again, and Holly will get to feed their donkey as long as I remember to bring the carrots.

Have a great weekend all!!

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