Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Bee

Well, I've been fairly busy being creative lately. I have been working on a purse for quite some time now, and it's no where near finished. It keeps getting set aside due to something else happening. I'm hoping to get to sit down soon and really get some work done on it.
I did make my mom a "Cozy Kitty" for Mother's day. It turned out pretty cute. It's got a couple spots that didn't come out quite like the pattern, but I am still learning. I will post a pic of it and the link to the pattern soon. I've been planning to sit down and do a lot of sewing for years, but I'm just not good at making the time. I have a lot of fabric I've collected that I really need to get to work on.
I added to that stack over the holiday. Joann's had their memorial day sale, so Larry took me up there and I treated myself to adding greatly to my collection. Went a bit overboard, but there were so many pretty fabrics. And I didn't make a dent in all that I want.
I also found a pattern from a blog that I'm excited to get to work on soon. So you know what that meant...yep, another trip for some more fabric!! And it wasn't just an excuse I used. I really didn't have what I needed for it. I'm looking forward to getting started on that.
I also found last weekend, some little knitting tools I had been wanting on clearance. So I snatched those up so I didn't miss out on getting them. I've been practicing with them, but haven't gotten the technique down yet.
We also enjoyed a day at the lake fishing. It was crazy getting the boat in and out of the water due to all the people, but we found a very nice spot under a bridge to do our fishing. We brought our lunch, and just enjoyed relaxing. We were in the shade, so no one got burned. And I even got a couple little naps in in between bites. I ended up doing the best catching 3 Crappie, and 14 catfish (he was the only one big enough to keep). Haylee caught a few Perch. And Larry caught a couple Crappie. For the most part we just enjoyed the relaxing time.
Only other big things is my being sick, and going on Holly's field trip to the Ballpark in Arlington. We learned and saw a lot of neat thing. I will post about that another time though.
Hope everyone is doing well!! Now back to my chores.

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