Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Routine

I started thinking tonight about my family routine and the way we live. I see a ton of commercials lately on sitting down as a family at the dinner table. I grew up this way. My husband grew up this way. But when he became a single parent to two very young girls, his dinner routine changed. He began to allow them to all have dinner watching T.V. I can understand in some ways it's probably the only way he could get them to sit for a bit so he could get a moment to rest after a long day at work.
I have tried a few times to get us to have dinner as a family at the table. This has not worked due to 1) we are creatures of habit and it is hard to change 2) our dining room table just sucks and we really need to find a new one, but haven't gotten around to it.
We do sit at the table together when we have company over for dinner.
But with all this not "proper" family routine of pulling out our TV tables and eating in the living room watching T.V. I find comfort in it. We do often still talk during our dinner, and no one amazingly mindlessly eats. I am proud to say I feel comfortable with my family and know a good amount of what is going on in there lives. My girls are preteen and teen, so I would be crazy to think they told me EVERYTHING. But they are good kids. I see it in the daily choices they make. They can be aunory (I am sorry but I just can't think of anywhere near the right spelling of that word toinght), and I am still dealing with my youngest and her acting up every year at this time of year (will she EVER grow out of it?). And my oldest is more into her phone and music than her school work. But both are polite, don't fight with me, and share a great deal with me. They could both do better with their grades, but they are not bad and when pushed to work a little harder on a certain subject they do it.
In other words I am feeling warm and fuzzy about my family and the normalcy of our life even if it is not what is ideal for raising kids these days.


Pricklybranch Manor said...

I love you! Yes, eating at the dinner table is best and it does require a lot espeically if its not the norm for you. I grew up eating in the living room with a couch pillow on my lap to hold my plate and honestly it worked for us! I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and it didn't " harm us " obviously.

David grew up at the dinner table for all three meals! lol. We choose to do that here. For me, because I am able to stay home, this is nice and suits our family well. With boys and messes and all of such nonesense eating at the dinner table just makes sense.

I would prayerfully consider doing dinner at the table more but maybe not every night? Perhaps two or three nights a week. That sounds like a great comprimise.

It really is harder to talk with the tv going. More so for the kids its harder for them to pay attention to the parents. Lol!

I hope you know I'm meaning to encourage. The mere fact that you are working and coming home still prepairing a meal and all of that is great! You're doing a fantastic job. There is definitely always room to improve we are never perfect!

I think if you want to do dinners at the table then do if not then don't. lol. You're the mom though and you're serving your family so if you are looking to do it at the dinner be it. Talk to them and tell them why. Have the girls help you in the kitchen too. Anyway, sorry I am rambling!

Love you bunches,

Charisse said...

I love dinner at the table. I always have. I have always tried to do that with Lorelli. Even as a baby. But I have had her from the beginning. I have already told Jennifer that is how things are done. But, I talk to your girls and seem to have a fairly open relationship with them.

Looking forward to seeing you in 10 days.

Oh - and its o-r-n-e-r-y