Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My 10 yr old is home from school today with a fever. What she has is a total mystery though. It started yesterday morning with a sore throat, but every time I check it, it's not red or swollen. She's been complaining of some aches, but the way she describes them, they're just normal growing pains. She complains of her stomach being upset, but I think that is due to the fever since it didn't start till she developed the fever last night and because she still eats pretty much anything she wants and eats her normal amount. So I'm completely puzzled. Since it's a fairly mild fever, and since she doesn't seem that miserable, I'm holding off taking her to the doctor. I will take her in tomorrow if it continues.

What also helps with all of this is finally being in a place where my girls don't share bedrooms. I don't have to move one to the living room too keep her from catching what the other one has. Problem is my younger one has to be the center of attention no matter what, so she often pretends to be sick when her sister is. It can be hard to handle that one. I want to comfort my girls when they are sick, but I don't want it to be so nice that they fake it. They know they have more fun when they are well, but that period of time when mom babies you a little extra is nice too. Any advice?

Now our weekend. Even with the winter weather, my family was blessed to be able to get out and do somethings. For some reason the area where we live ended up not developing much ice on the roads even though it did rain a ton! So we were able to run around to the stores and mall close to home. What was most fun was our cooking experiments. We went into Walmart to get some groceries and decide what to eat for dinner Saturday night. My husband wanted to get creative and make hot wings. So we went to look for a new fryer since our other one had to be thrown out a few months ago. We had no luck in finding one we wanted. But I did discover a food processor for a fabulous deal. I have never gotten to buy one. I'm often too picky with my appliances. So I snatched the last one. My husband decided we should make steaks and home-made salsa with our new find. So our evening was filled with playing with our new toy and experimenting with amounts of ingredients. And I am pleased to say my husband now makes a fabulous salsa.
So to anyone stopping in to read, God Bless!

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Worm's Woman said...

mystery solved...it's definately the flu!