Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well surprise for's a snow day for the kids. Well it is Texas, so ice day is what it really is. Last night I checked weather bug to see that there was a very light chance of precipitation over the night, but nothing big expected until Thursday or Friday. I realized I didn't have the van in it's covered parking spot, so with the light chance I did run down and move it just to make sure I didn't have anything to worry about scrapping off the windshield in the morning when I went to take my healthy child to school. Boy was I surprised when I went out to walk my puppy. Poor thing gave me a look that said "Are you really going to make me pee in that?" So he ran did his business and ran back up. I was right with him so I could check the school closings. And yes school is closed today. I was just upset cause I had gotten everyone up to start getting ready for the day and we could have slept for a few more hours. And after the night we had with my older one, I really could have used a couple more hours. Now I have to keep them entertained and separated so my younger one doesn't get sick.

Speaking of my older one. I believe I guessed wrong. I think she just has a virus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she had the worst of it last night. Her fever got a little higher and she had some nightmares and trouble sleeping. My mind was going 90 to nothin' last night. It took me over an hour every time I woke up to get it calmed down where I could fall asleep again. And right when I finally made it is when she would come running in upset. After we discovered school was closed and I sent my younger one, Holly, back to bed, I crawled back in myself to try and catch a little more sleep. Once again it took an hour to relax, and right when I was dropping off Haylee came in upset because she couldn't get to sleep. I told her she must just be sleeped out and to stay awake and find something to do. So by now I realize it's not worth it anymore.
Anyway, I think she should be fine if I can keep her perked up. She seems to just want to sit and dwell on it, and I really believe that you can get over being sick a lot faster if you think positive.

Enough of that. We will enjoy our day inside. I'm just a little worried about what we will eat tonight since I haven't gotten to go grocery shopping, and I sent my hubby to work in the van so he could be better protected. Hopefully I can talk him in to stopping to pick something up on his way home since he is leaving work extra early to avoid the roads icing over again when it starts getting dark.

So to anyone stopping in to read, God Bless and stay warm!

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