Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Brain Monday

Monday ended up being a rough day. I seem to have left my brain back in Sunday. Here is what happened *this retelling is taken from an e-mail I sent to a friend informing her of my rough day*

The day didn't start well with news that we may not get a puppy after all. They caught something and out of the 7 only 3 have made it, and one of those 3 isn't doing too well. My aunt said even the vet is puzzled since they had been fine. She said they think it was just some crazy cold.
Larry gets up (he decided to go in late since he is working this weekend. Wasn't suppose to go in at all, but when he takes a day off everything goes wrong). And he is a bit pouty. We didn't have anything he wanted for breakfast. Normally this isn't a problem cause he only eats it on the weekends, or he gets it near work. But with his new migraine meds it makes him hungry. So then I have to take a speedy shower so I can go and get him some cereal from the store.
I go home get my morning chores done, and get a grocery list made. And after Holly takes a year picking out her clothes for the day, we head to Walmart to get our shopping done. We had to do a lot of back and forth due to me not organizing my list this time and I kept forgetting things. We get home and unload and find a nice vomit spot (from the cats) on one of my kitchen rugs. Thankfully that I can hose it off and throw it in the wash.
I then remember to get a bill made out to mail. Doing this I screwed up writing it twice and forgot to put one of the papers in making me ruin another envelope. And while doing this the mail man came. grrr now I have to make a special trip to the post office.
Then we head off to Target to get the rest of my needs. But we get there to discover I forgot my list. We thankfully remembered all but one item, and that one thing was just some cookies I wanted to go with my peach cups. No big deal. Well we come out to discover I lost the van! I use the panic but on the opener to find it and remembered we parked near the other entrance. So we head that way and I almost walk right past it. Holly says "Mama! Here!" She's right at it and I was still walking. Nothing making it where I couldn't see it.
I know I did a few more things to that extent, but I can't remember at the moment.
That evening Larry ended up making a deal to sell the Jeep (I don't think even he is happy on letting it go, but he wants to get a pop up camper for all of us to use). With this deal he is getting cash and a 4-wheeler. Making it where I need to load up the top to the Jeep in the van and bring the title to him and meet him at his work so I can drive his truck to pick up the 4-wheeler. So we load up (not easy at all), and I am almost to his work when he calls and mentions the title. CRAAAAP! Turn around to go back and get that putting us an hour late. Poor people drove from OK to Lewisville and had to wait forever with their kids! After wasting a 1/4 tank of gas we are almost there when I realize I turned to early when I got off loop 12, and we are on the wrong road! Thankfully I found a road that took me to the right one and came out right at the spot that road divides at. If I hadn't I would have been more than lost. Now I forgot to mention this whole time retracking I got a violet round of hiccups. Making me hit my head where my numb/sore area is every couple minutes.
We FINALLY get there and I take off in the truck for Lewisville. I got rid of the hiccups due to being almost squished between two trucks and it scaring the crud out of me! We get to where the people are with only a few more scares on the road (oh and might I add this was a bad night for my eyes for some reason). We're there for a long while as the men go over every inch of both motor toys. The couple was real nice and in need so that made me feel better about the deal.
As we leave we stop at McD's for a snack. Well my coke made the lovely hiccups come back putting me in major chest pain. Then my cup split and spilled all over my purse and the seat. Causing me to just give up and let the tears flow.

*explanations of some of it*
My aunt has a number of show dogs. American Eskimo, French Bulldog, and Boston Terrier. My husband decided almost a year ago that he wanted a Boston. My aunt said she was going to breed one of her Bostons one last time and we could have one from the litter. The mom had 7 pups at the end of May and as you read at the beginning they have something. Since Monday morning one more of the males didn't make it. :(
I ended up having the hiccups for almost 3 hours that evening. I don't get them often, but when I do it is very violent like I said. I shakes and jerks my whole body. The only way to get rid of them is to lay down. And obviously that wasn't an option. I was more than sore all day yesterday making my stomach queasy too. I'm still a bit sore today.

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