Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week

Well, we are finishing up our first full week of Summer Vacation.

We have recovered from all the sun and swimming from going to the beach 2 weeks ago, then the water park last Thursday, and a pool/birthday party last Saturday. Larry worked last weekend and will be this weekend too, so that gave him Monday off. So he decided to set up our little blow up pool. The 3 of us had fun splashing around and playing some water games with the ball Holly found. It's definitely not a pool to swim in, but it does supply fun and relief from the heat since gas makes it too price to go to the public pool much. The pools are the only thing I've really missed from apartment life. It was nice having pool access any time you wanted and you didn't have to do the cleaning!

Tuesday we began switching Holly over to the slightly bigger room of the girls' bedrooms. They are basically the same size, but the layout of the one she's in now is better. We worked on it a little Tuesday, and did some errand running. That day her left eye was real irritated and red. So Wednesday started with a trip to the doctor. She had a touch of pink eye, but mostly it's just her allergies. She is on two different eye drops and some allergy medicine. And she was looking fine the next day. So it's nice that it's nothing too serious, but annoying for her I know. Poor kid suffers from some of the worst allergies I've seen.

We finished up that afternoon with the room switch. And we are all super excited. I think we were able to set Holly's new room up in a way that should really keep it easy for her to be able to clean her room and find her stuff. We just have to get her a bookshelf though. She really went through her stuff and got rid of a lot of the toys she doesn't play with. She currently has a toy box in there, but I don't think that is the right set up for her anymore. I'm going to get her the shelf and a bunch of those clear shoebox storage containers of various sizes. That way it will be less overwhelming when she wants to play/use something she has. She can easily find it and put it away (putting away is her main problem).

And I'm super excited about the other room. I get it set up really nice for when Haylee or anyone else comes to visit, but I also set it up for me to find a nice table to put in there for a sewing/craft/art table for me. And when I find one I like I can finally move my sewing stuff off the dining room table. No one has been allowed at the table for months because I have all my stuff out on it, and I fear spill on my fabric.So if anyone knows of a rectangular table (not too long, but fairly skinny) that someone is looking to get rid of, let me know.

Other than that, we've spent some time at the library and running little errands here and there. Today I am going to work on laundry and just rest. I've done a little more back work that I should have. I'm not hurting like I feared I would, but I am a little sore and don't want to get to that point I fear.

And tomorrow we are very excited to be attending Larry's cousin Staci's wedding.
That's all for now. Hope everyone is finding some relief in this heat!

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