Monday, July 14, 2008


So, many things exciting happening.

Our puppy came to live with us on Friday. We have named her Sassy. I don't currently have my camera, so sorry no pics. She's a blast though. Fits her name well, but is a very good pup. She is chewing on many things as expected, but minds fairly well when told no. She is doing well with going outside for bathroom breaks. Only a few accidents, and since she's so small - easy to clean up.

I haven't gotten to talk to Lori in a few days, but got a hold of her this evening. Seems the little man is holding out for the inducement on Thursday. She said they haven't been calling much due to making people jumpy. She sounds excited, but nervous, so keep her in prayers.

And tomorrow Charisse and Lorelli arrive!! I'm very excited to get to see them again. They will be here for 2 weeks. It's rough having them so far away. I keep trying to plan a trip out there, but every time I think I'll be able to do it, something happens. Right now it's just having to pay for gas to get Larry to work is costing so much! Darn prices!! But I'm not giving up yet. Maybe for my birthday?

Ok that's all for now. Need to get to bed. Puppy is an early riser, and lots of little things to finish before I head to the airport.

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