Friday, July 25, 2008

One year ago today...

my beautiful niece was turning 15. So that makes today her Sweet Sixteen! Have a wonderful birthday K-K. No words can express how wonderful you are. We love you very, very much!!!!!!!!!!
And one year ago today, I had my life given to me again. Today is the one year anniversary of my brain surgery. My unofficial second birthday date. I am in absolute shock that one year has already passed. The day of July 26,2007 to July 25,2008 went by faster than the days of July 5, 2007 to July 25, 2007.
I hope to never relive anything like that again. But amazingly, I am grateful for the chance to do it once. That sounds crazy huh? But with it I gained so much.
First I learned who my true friends are and that my family is truly meant to be my family. So many were there for me. With support, prayers, and some with just an ear or an eye (for those I spent nights to talking back and forth with on the computer) when I was panicking and getting scared.
And to each and everyone of you, I can't say thank you enough! I love you all so much!
I learned what true love is. I couldn't imagine a husband better for me than mine (I say it like that because I know other husbands who are fabulous and perfect for their wives). I know he was worried and scared at times too. But he never showed it. He put being my strength and support above his own needs. I don't think I could have handled the over 12 hour wait that he did for me to come out of surgery. He even shaved his head to match mine! He was the first person I saw when I woke up from surgery. That hand on my forehead is a bigger comfort to me since then than ever before. I feel more safe and loved most deeply when he touches me there rather than any place else. He visited me often when I was in CCU but I sent him away more because it just wasn't set up for visitors. He was there as soon as I left and was put in a regular room. And from then on he didn't leave my side but to eat, check on the animals, and get a quick shower. He even slept in my room putting up with the coming and going of the nurses for my meds and vital checks, keeping one hand up on my bed so I had some part of him to snuggle (that COULDN'T have been comfortable).
I know that it all happened when it did for the fact of having fabulous insurance that covered almost 100% of the over $200,000 spent on tests, surgery, and my stay. And for me to have the fabulous Dr. Charles Chang and his staff as my doc and support. And for having the fabulous staff at Medical Center of Plano be the ones caring for me.
Most of all I've grown in and gained so much more faith in our almighty and wonderful God. Look at what he help find and took care of me through to come out safely!! I still do at times, but I have learned to worry much, much less. God doesn't put me through anything I can't handle, and He will be the one to do most of the work to get me to the other side!! I still falter at times, but all I have to do it rub the line on my neck, and I remember it's not my job to worry! What a truly awesome and loving God we have!!
OK this is long, so I will save what the last year has been like and the changes I have for another post.
God Bless you all, for He has me!!
And again, Happy Sweet 16 K-K!!!!!

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